Massage therapy assists in restoring normal function to the nervous, circulatory, digestive, lymphatic & musco skeletal systems enabling your body to heal itself. You will experience a complete feeling of well being & balance.

Aroma Relax

Immerse yourself in this nurturing full body aromatic relaxation massage designed to melt your stress away. Our caring therapists will use long rhythmical massage strokes to release muscle tension and calm a busy mind allowing you a total body rejuvenation.

  • 50 minutes $130
  • 80 minutes $175

Soothing Stones

Relax with the soothing warmth of healing warm stones as they are placed on energy points within the body to reach deep into the belly of the muscle and melt away stress and tension. This detoxifying ancient ritual is designed to have a sedative effect, relieving chronic pain while promoting a deep relaxation of both body and mind

  • 70 minutes $189

Energy Renew

Balance your body and replenish your energy with this ancient healing chakra therapy, designed to create harmony and peace within your body through the process of realignment. Combining multiple techniques this full body therapy will leave you centered, relaxed and rejuvenated.

  • 80 minutes $220

De- Stress

Surrender your stress with this full body tension-relieving massage, specifically targeting all the area’s where tension builds the most- the neck, shoulders, jaw & back. Rhythmical strokes combined with deep muscle kneading will see your knots unravel, your circulation increase, and the stress magically disappear from your body. Perfect to balance both the body and the mind.

  • 50 minutes $155
  • 80 minutes $220

Warm Fusion

This unique combination therapy blends relaxing massage techniques with the nurturing warmth of nourishing soybean wax, giving you the ultimate tranquility escape. Hydrating the skin with warm shea butter, evening primrose oil and aromatic essences, allow yourself to calm your mind, drift away and enjoy a moment of stillness to reflect and replenish.

  • 80 minutes $220

Therapeutic Restore

Restore body balance with this corrective therapeutic massage designed to penetrate deep into the muscle to release stress and strain. Our expert remedial trained therapists will tailor this treatment to suit your needs by focusing on specific areas of muscle tension & underlying problems leaving your body realigned and revived. A consultation is included and will determine the best approach to treating your problematic zones.

  • 50 minutes $159
  • 80 minutes $220

Pregnancy Revive

Find Relief with this therapeutic pregnancy massage specifically customised to release muscle tension in the back, legs and ankles. Our Remedial trained massage therapist will work with you to provide relief where your body requires. Completely safe for pregnant and breast feeding mothers this is the perfect treatment to care for your body and revive your energy. Our specialised pregnancy safe massage bed allows for total body comfort while you relax and revive tired muscles.

  • 50 minutes $159
  • 80 minutes $230