For the skin conscious, an investment that guarantee’s beautiful dividends. All treatments listed below start with a thorough skin assessment before selecting the facial best suited to your individual needs.

Purify Skin Treatment

Energise your skin with a botanical antioxidant infusion that incorporates powerful plant enzymes to deeply cleanse and smooth the skin, leaving you with a beautiful natural glow.

  • 30 minutes $95

Refine Skin Treatment

Our gentle plant powered thermal peel provides an effective exfoliation that delivers instant results to your complexion. Perfect for all skin types, this treatment will smooth fine lines and retexturize the skin without any redness or irritation, leaving you with a glowing radiance

  • 30 minutes $115

Restore Skin Treatment

Nourish your skin with therapeutic natural botanicals targeting concerns such as ageing, uneven skin tone, congestion and redness. The perfect treatment to feed your skin exactly what it needs to restore balance and reveal your natural radiance.

  • 30 minutes $120
  • 50 minutes $160

Kuhl It Therapy Treatment

Inspired by the skin care trend of cryotherapy (cold therapy). Aveda’s new Kuhl It Facial therapy treatment feature’s cooling techniques although our version is not sub-zero! The products contain caffeine to rejuvenate, soothe and calm the skin. Stress mimics global warming in our own bodies, leaving our skin looking blotchy, uneven and tired. Even with minimal time for self care, we’ll help you look revived and refreshed as if you have just had 8 hours of sleep.

  • 30 minutes $120
  • 50 minutes $165

Antioxidant Infusion Skin Treatment

Vitamin C is one of the most impressive antioxidants on the planet and offers immense support to the structure of the skin. Our signature facial infusion delivers a potent dose of this multifunctional wonder nutrient to even skin tone, reduce discoloration and assist in breaking down pigmentation. The ultimate facial treat to stimulate collagen production, smooth fine lines and wrinkles whilst providing strength and protection to the skin for natural clarity and a glowing luminosity.

  • 50 minutes $175
  • 70 minutes $225

Let's Get Even

Minimize the appearance of age spots and uneven skin tone with an illuminating treatment that also helps smooth rough skin texture. This treatment gently exfoliates to reveal a more even toned skin, unclogs pores to promote clear, balanced skin and protects age accelerating environmental stressors.

  • 50 minutes $175


Relieve dry skin types with a hydrating facial that helps restore moisture and vitality to the skin. This treatment softens skin, boosts hydration, improves the appearance of firmness, supports a more youthful appearance and increases your natural moisturizing factor.

  • 50 minutes $190

Age Defiant

Reduce the visible signs of ageing including fine lines and wrinkles with intelligent exfoliation and peptides. Help swing the hands of time in the right direction for smoother and more radiant skin. This treatment helps rejuvenate the skin to reduce the look of wrinkles, restores the appearance of radiance and suppleness and nurtures the skin with powerful anti-oxidants.

  • 50 minutes $185

Gua Sha Firm and Lift Skin Treatment

Immerse into this dynamic anti-ageing facial that is designed to dramatically impact the skin, toning, firming and lifting in all the right places. Evening out fine lines and wrinkles will help you look 5 years younger and re-energise your skin with a vibrant, youthful glow.

  • 70 minutes $250

Power of Two Skin Treatment

This dual exfoliation is a powerful non-invasive, skin renewal treatment that naturally transforms the texture of the skin by immersing it in the rejuvenating power of plants to heal, protect and strengthen. Delivering instant, visible results you will experience improved clarity, refined pores and a smoothing effect on fine lines and wrinkles, revealing a fresher, younger looking complexion.

  • 70 minutes $225

Skin Revive Treatment

Ideal entry level peel for all skin types, this powerful yet gentle peel combines all the goodness of glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid and natural botanicals to firm, lift and reinvigorate tired, dull skin.

  • 30 minutes $135

Skin Bright Treatment

A full spectrum exfoliation and deep line peeling treatment enriched with powerhouse peptides, this lightening peel targets resistant skin conditions such as scarring, acne and hyper-pigmentation, leaving you with a smooth luminous complexion.

  • 30 minutes $150

Picture Perfect

Can’t find a filter to perk up your complexion? Get a refreshing facial that revitalizes the complexion in 30 minutes or less. It’s a perfect pick-me-up before an event or to pair with a trigger happy selfie finger. This treatment leaves the skin hydrated and smooth, creates a warm, even skin tone and preps skin for flawless makeup application.

  • 30 minutes $125

Skin Correct Treatment

Breathe life back into fatigued skin with this ultimate corrective peel that is customised to your specific skin type and needs. Delivering a compelling combination of Liquid Laser and prescriptive CHA this incredible treatment will rejuvenate and hydrate your skin like never before. For best results, take in a series of 3 treatments to revise, repair and renew the skin.

  • 30 minutes $160

Blueberry Smoothie

This is the ultimate Pick-Me-Up Peel, part lactic acid exfoliant, part manual scrub designed to soften rough, uneven skin for a dramatically smoother complexion. You will love how balanced, brightened and firm your skin will look.

  • 30 minutes $165

Pomegranate Peel

Simply a must for your pre-event glow. The powerful antioxidants and the fruit enzymes of the pomegranate peel will leave your skin bright and glowing allowing you to step out with a renewed radiance.

  • 30 minutes $185

Timeless Peel

This wonder treatment helps to rejuvenate the look of ageing and sun damaged skin with a lactic acid and retinol combination which smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles improving your overall appearance. ( please note this peel requires 2 weeks skin prep at home- please inquire first)

  • 30 minutes $250

Essential Peptide Peel

This gentle metabolic treatment offers exfoliation with lactic acid and retinol to help reduce the signs of ageing skin to help unveil a radiant and supple looking complexion. With the addition of raspberry oil, your skin is left nourished and protected.

  • 50 minutes $225

Skin Renew (Needling)

Skin needling is one of the best age management treatments available on the market today as it is powerful in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Using collagen induction therapy to stimulate cell regeneration and increase your natural collagen production, the results are highly visible and long lasting. Best used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth and tighten skin, brighten a dull complexion and perfect to reduce scarring. Delivers rapid results, is minimally invasive with next to no downtime – the perfect skin tonic! This treatment includes a consultation.

*We choose to use Dermapen 4 and Dermalux LED for their superior quality, enhanced comfort and intense results.

  • 30 minutes $325
  • 60 minutes includes LED $359
  • 30 minutes - 1st visit Intro offer $295

Rejuvenating Dermalux LED

Our Dermalux LED light therapy consists of 3 clinically proven wavelengths.

Our Red Light treats:
Ageing and lax skin, fine lines and wrinkles, lack of hydration, enlarged pores and dull skin

Our Blue Light treats:

Acne, blemishes, breakouts and oily skin

Our Near Infrared Light treats:
Ageing skin, scarring, pigmentation, pain and inflammation and sensitive skin conditions.

Our Dermalux device is unique to others due to the fact that these amazing wavelengths can be used alone or altogether to target one or multiple skin concerns.

Beauty On The Glow
We now have a Dermalux Flex Hire at Home option servicing the Goulburn Valley and Melbourne Metro regions. A daily 30 minute treatment in the comfort of your own home will achieve high performance skin results.

Beauty On The Glow:
3 Hour Hire – $75.00
2 Day Hire – $199.00
5 Day Hire – $299.00
7 Day Hire – $399.00

Enquire at reception

  • 20 minutes with skin treatment $60
  • 30 minutes-single treatment $85
  • 5 Visit LED Pass $300
  • Hire -3 Hours $75
  • Hire - 2 Days $199
  • Hire - 5 Days $299
  • Hire - 7 Days $399


Using a Diamond tip microdermabrasion and vacuum suction this advanced skin treatment gentle removes the top layer of dead skin cells improving texture and evening out skin tone. It’s the perfect treatment to have every 2 weeks to maintain skin health and a great skin pick me up however if you have specific concerns its brilliant to clear breakouts & congestion, rejuvenates aging skin by stimulating collagen production to minimise file lines and brightens a dull complexion targeting sun damage and dry skin.

  • 30 minutes 99.00
  • 40 minutes with Led 159.00


DERMAFRAC™ is an innovative 3 in 1 rejuvenating advanced cosmetic device that offers microdermabrasion, micro-needling with simultaneous infusion of high-grade performance serums. The treatment also includes a Peptide Rejuvenating Mask & LED light therapy for optimum skin results.
This pain -free treatment punctures the skin with very small stainless-steel tips, these tips enter the skin to a depth that is ideal for producing positive natural responses that improve the appearance of the skin. The outcome includes increased hydration, tightening and firming, skin clearing of concerns with acne, enlarged pores and scaring, evening of skin tone and increased luminosity, providing amazing benefits for every skin type. No downtime, no discomfort, relaxing, and results focused – the ultimate in skin rejuvenation. It is recommended to have Dermafrac as a series of 3-6 treatments depending on skin concerns and desired outcome.

  • 60 minutes 295.00