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Kickstart your weight loss and target cellulite and stubborn fat.

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Are you…

• Feeling bloated?
• Struggling with fluid retention?
• Experiencing a sluggish metabolism that’s blocking your weight loss?
• Having gut issues?

We can help!

Why us?

We are experts in all things Skin, Beauty and Hair.

Wellsprings is a luxury urban oasis designed for people who want to feel revitalised, nourished and relaxed. It spoils guests with a serene oasis, allowing them the luxury of escaping the fast-pace adventures of life, to calm, inspire and replenish.

Our unwavering commitment is to support your personal quest for glowing radiance and improved vitality, helping you navigate life with optimal energy, a clear mind and a replenished body. Our mantra is that “it’s all about YOU”.

Fat Reduction Triad

It’s important to focus on 3 areas when kick-starting fat loss.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. In order for it to support us in losing weight we need to ensure it can easily remove toxins and has healthy circulation.

Our body has its own way of detoxifying itself, which aids in weight loss. Our lymphatic system is one of the major body systems responsible for eliminating our body’s waste products so we need to ensure lymphatic flow and drainage can occur.

People who are overweight are more likely to experience gut health symptoms from poor dietary habits, which can negatively alter bacteria in the gut called our microbiota.
Whilst losing weight we want to look after our gut health.

What’s included in the Fat Blaster Massage

We focus on each area of the Fat Reduction Triad as follows:


  • A Beauty Chef Cleanse Greens drink
    Rich in digestive enzymes, prebiotics & probiotics designed to support digestive balance & aid in the body detoxification process


  • A 20 min sweat session in our Rasul Steam Room 
    When we sweat, we are eliminating toxins, shifting unwanted fluid retention aiding in weight loss & providing an overall detox
  • Dry Body Brushing
    This gently sloughs away dead skin, promotes healthy circulation & awakens the lymphatic system


  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage
    This massage focuses on targeting the lymphatic system to promote lymph flow, movement of stagnant toxins, stimulation of the immune system & metabolism.

90 min for only $149
Only 20 spots available in September!

What our clients are saying...

I know it sometimes looks suspicious to answer every question with a score of 10 out of 10, but the whole experience truly was that good - professional and friendly staff who were very kind and accommodating.

I was so very happy with my experience, from walking into the salon I was greeted in a friendly manner & was sat in a very welcoming waiting area. I was greeted by my therapist & was made feel beautiful throughout the entire massage. I’ve even booked another for next week it was that good.

My experience was the best I have ever experienced. Wellsprings Day Spa out does any Melbourne spa I have visited or Australia wide for that matter. The facility is amazing & just has to be seen. The care and attention to detail was outstanding. My therapist was very attentive to my extra needs and just so friendly. I have been telling my friends and will definitely return again soon.

Start now so you look amazing in summer.

You get:


  • A Beauty Chef Cleanse Greens drink
  • A 20 min sweat session in our Rasul Steam Room
  • Dry Body Brushing
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage

90 min for only $149
Only 20 spots available in September!